Charles Dickens Is Exhausting

“As Mr. Grewgious sat and wrote by his fire that afternoon, so did the clerk of Mr. Grewgious sit and write, by his fire.  A pale, puffy-faced, dark-haired person of thirty, with big dark eyes that wholly wanted lustre and a dissatisfied doughy complexion that seemed to ask to be sent to the baker’s, this attendant was a mysterious being, possessed of some strange power over Mr. Grewgious.”

I realize the common vernacular of an age changes, and has changed significantly since Dickens’ time, but I think the fact that he was paid by the word probably cut into that whole ‘artistic integrity’ thing we all go on so much about.  That is all.


One thought on “Charles Dickens Is Exhausting

  1. i’m diggin it. i bookmarked the page. send to me what you want edited ;] rock on my good friend and as always, rock on!

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