Rough Stuff: Fingerbones, Rivers Ran & Paper Tigers

“A poem is never finished, only abandoned.” – Paul Valery

How true. I’m starting to realize music’s the same way. Give me two weeks to work on a track and it’ll be tweaked, rerecorded and retweaked until three weeks later.

I’ve been recording on my little Boss Micro BR for the last few months… mostly riffs and weird, open-tuned drones but the odd complete composition. I’ll post the odd one whose SD card doesn’t somehow corrupt all its data in the drive, as well as any upcoming gig information, if I decide to start playing shows by myself.

I’ve no idea if this is gonna work. Here’s a quick and dirty recording of one of those things from the notebook excerpts I posted a few weeks ago. Just in case you wanted to know what a song I never finished sounded like.

As well , I’ll put other sketches and stuff up there–a few songs that are a little more… complete, let’s say.


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