In Which I Become The Han Solo Of Bullshit

I thought that title up last week, and liked it more than anything I wrote towards the idea of having it headline.  So it’s on this one, a point-form list of thoughts and things in the works…when I’ve got enough time to have things in the works:

-It’ll Sound Hipper If You Translate It Into French: Nuit (Nuite?) Blanche in Toronto

-Songs about novels, missing pieces, cigarettes and sleeping pills

-Album reviews in haiku (first up, The Trews)

-Playing slide guitar with beer bottles is difficult, but lots of fun. Less fun is forgetting the words to your favorite song and having to sing the ‘Crazy Chester’ verse of The Weight twice in front of a pissed-off crowd.

-Luke Doucet’s ‘Broken (and other rogue states)’ has been the soundtrack for the last few months. I bought it almost accidentally at Sonic Boom in the summer, and made the mistake of listening to it in the car. I’m afraid it caused a friend of mine to quit thinking I was cool; it’s not a good car record. After a few weeks, though, I went back and gave it more of a chance, and found a lot of depth that I find most of the stuff I’m handed is lacking these days. He’s a phenomenal guitar player, and he’s really inspired me to pick up more of the Chet Atkins school than I have before… though I don’t want a big, sparkly Gretsch that badly. I’ll stick with my SG’s, thanks. He’s playing with The Beauties in Waterloo on November 25, Hamilton on November 26th and Toronto November 27th… and Cuff the Duke are playing at the Horseshoe at some point as well that week. I need to decide which show to go see, and then find a date who likes alt-country.  For me, ‘Wallow’  just brings to my mind exactly why one writes songs. A few of these videos are featuring Luke’s wife, Melissa McLelland, who’s a performer both talented and amazing in her own right.

-Random ‘Music Teacher’ thought of the day: How come every child below the age of 15 knows ‘Closing Time’ by Semisonic? That song’s older than they are.

It’s my history to burn, these are my lessons to learn.


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