Retractions & A Little Name-Calling

Okay, so I was a little hasty earlier. I listened to ‘Underdogs’ all the way through on my way to Mississauga this morning. It’s not Good’s best… But it’s alright. The singles–Indestructible, Everything Is Automatic–are brilliant, some of his best, for sure… But the B-sides, I dunno. Hit and miss. And miss.

Tonight at work, I had a great lesson helping a student tear apart two Luke Doucet songs, looking for chords, keys and the hallmarks of great country / rockabilly guitar–and in particular, how to imitate it.

Well, on the way out, I gave my student a little speech about such things–how every musician’s telling you how they think with what they write, how you can sort of figure out how they look at things when you become familiar with their style–and a little kid in the hallway turned to me and asked,

“Do you know how much of a NERD you sound like?”

Seriously. The scorn in his voice told me I was meant to be devastated. And as he walked away, confident in the knowledge he had shattered my fragile self-image, I couldn’t think of anything to say.

It probably would’ve bugged him if I told him I miss being young, when not liking anything was cool. Everything was easy, because it was shit. You got to hate being there, no matter where there was. As you get older, I wanted to tell him, things change. You figure out what you enjoy, then you figure out a way to do it for a living. Then you can’t hate it. These days I’ve got to give a shit, because I’m having too much fun. It’s horrid.

It’s been years since anyone’s made fun of me for doing what I do, and then in the last week, I’ve been called a nerd, a sellout, and The Sexiest Copyeditor North of Toronto. Must be something in the air.

Oh. And I named the EP. So watch out.

And if I go away again / You can have my stereo / I’m indestructible.


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