Bedouin Soundclash & Rough Concert Calender

I’m shocked at how much I like this song. I was never a fan of their older stuff, but every song I’ve heard off the new record is just great. There’s a lot of depth to all of their material I’ve heard via CBC Radio 3 in the last few months that I feel was missing from “When The Night Feels My Song” and the like.

That’s it; it feels authentic. That’s what I’m craving these days. I don’t care about flash; I don’t care about glitz. Give me real content. And give me some flashy guitars. Maybe.

Actually, give me a couple of days to think about that one. I’ll come back.


Nov 11  – Grady @ the Elmo

Nov 22 – Ken Babstock @ Clinton’s

Nov 27 – Luke Doucet @ Modclub


PS Check me out on CBC Radio 3


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