S#@T You Should’ve Heard Before: The Elwins

It’s pretty hard to find a band that’s honest about what they do these days. Even me–if you try to get me to say what I’m playing these days, I’ll probably just throw a bunch of band names at you and say something lame like, “It’s kind of like that.”

Not so with The Elwins. These guys play some of the best unabashed pop music you will ever hear. And they are fine with that. Their EP, which they released in ’09, I believe, is absolutely amazing, even down to the patchwork style of the sleeve it comes in. Since then, they’ve been gigging, making a name for themselves quickly in Toronto and elsewhere, and recording all over the continent. This is a band to watch.

Pop music’s a tricky thing, believe me. If you make it too accessible, it’s saccharine Donny & Marie garbage. If you make it too obscure, it’s… well, it’s jazz, then, isn’t it?

This group has hit a great stride, I feel, blending seamlessly 1950’s and 1960’s bubblegum-pop sensibilities with content both intimate and thought-provoking, as well as a style that suggests they just stepped out of a time machine and are slightly bewildered by the audience they’ve found.

Great band, great live show; they’re playing at The Drake in Toronto on Thursday. Check out the video on this link and if I haven’t convinced you by that point, take your withered, cold heart away and come back when you learn to enjoy music for what it is rather than what you think it makes you appear as.

The Elwins @ Southern Souls

Actually, I should plug Mitch Fillion’s excellent Southern Souls website at this point. Featuring such bands as Hooded Fang, Invisible Cities and The Gertrudes, this dude knows what’s up. I love these videos.


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