Just Because It’s Popular Doesn’t Mean It Sucks: Mumford & Sons

Yes, this is the band that wrote “Little Lion Man.” We’ve all heard it a million times.

Moving on.

Mumford & Sons cannot be said to be a band that’s paid their due. They only started up in 2007–and amazingly, on their first record, Sigh No More, they quickly picked up major distribution and landed on this side of the Atlantic with the monster single “Little Lion Man” (with the best word edited out, naturally.)

Unbelievable. Instant success. I tried to get tickets to see them at Sound Academy last November. It was a no-go. Sold out. Nope, but thanks. Go home, Adam.

To be fair, I’m almost sure no more than 10% of the people at that show would know any track the band played that didn’t begin a chorus with “It was not your fault but mine” but that’s kind of beside the point. Sold-out show. Gigantic single. First album. Unreal. I’m a musician. That DOES. NOT. HAPPEN.

Honestly, if your first reaction to hearing a single a million times on the radio is anything like mine, you instinctively and passionately hate a band like this. “Little Lion Man” was all over the radio last summer, and even now, I can’t turn on 102.1 without hearing it once a day.

But luckily, last summer, I wasn’t listening to the radio. I had better things to do, like listening to records.

“Sigh No More” is an unbalanced album, that’s for sure. It’s weighted heavily into the first 7 tracks, and the last 5 songs definitely drag in comparison. I’m sure by moving tracks like “Timshel” and “Awake My Soul” up to in between “The Cave” and “Winter Winds,” they could institute something more akin to a traditional album flow, where it runs up and down between the songs. But they didn’t, and it drags, and most of the time, I cut it right before the first chorus of “Little Lion Man.”

Anyway, point is, this is a group that resembles in many respects acts from the Canadian Coasts, like Spirit Of The West and Great Big Sea. Gigantic single… but where do they go from there? Spirit Of The West really couldn’t hack it up to the level of their big single. Great Big Sea, arguably, wrote better songs that managed to never become as overplayed as “Up.”

And, as a listener, I appreciate that. Not hearing a song a thousand times over the course of two months is good, I think.

EDIT: Faux-anachronistic suspender folk is not a genre that will age well. Unfortunately for some, such as purveyors of mustache wax.


3 thoughts on “Just Because It’s Popular Doesn’t Mean It Sucks: Mumford & Sons

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  2. they are completely unoriginal, copying directly and audaciously from the real stars they wish they had the talent of… The Avett Bros. who also happen to be the real deal and from NC.

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