Through Michigan to Illinois; Indiana, Too…

What I’m Up To: Interviews, writing reviews, playing guitar and long nights in bars. Little jobs in a big career, writing on broken computers and playing on borrowed guitars. Gigs n’ other things, but everything’s at least a long drive away.

Ah, well. Canadian Music Week’s over; now, I can get back to work.

Coming Up: “Rope” by the Foo Fighters, Northrop Frye on Why We Read/Why We Write, and a vain quest for me to put together 3 grand for a Gretsch White Falcon (even though I’ll probably still play The Beast more.)

PS Aw yeah. These guys are amazing.

Well, the city lights are risin’ / On this midnight black horizon / And I’m wishin’ you were with me / When no passengers are ridin’.


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