As If Dave Grohl Wasn’t Cool Enough

So, my buddy Ben just sent me this link; as if Dave Grohl wasn’t cool enough, now I can be confident that I’ll never have to hear ‘Everlong’ sung by that prime-time karaoke choir known as Glee.

Read this interview.

Seriously. How cool is Dave Grohl?

Like any fad, the backlash against Glee is inevitable; I think we’re seeing the beginning of a good change. Not that I really have anything specific against the show; like Guitar Hero, it sort of perpetuates the myth that good art can be somehow be repackaged, rewritten, rerecorded and represented in easily-consumable chunks–as cut-down bits in between vignettes showing how INTENSE and full of ANGST all the characters are, or a video game aping a real instrument–while still maintaining the integrity of the original work, which I’ve never really bought.

Good to know the creator’s so childish about someone like Slash not wanting to appear on the show, though.

There’s plenty of posts on youTube from video blogs about it, but the crux of the matter seems to be that artistic integrity is something that we only thought was dead, rather than something that actually IS dead.

Now… If only we could get a firm reason no why Slash appeared at the Superbowl this year, or allowed himself to be digitized in Guitar Hero (I think it was 3.) Then we’d have an article!


2 thoughts on “As If Dave Grohl Wasn’t Cool Enough

  1. Thank you, Dave Grohl.

    I’ve probably watched about as much of the show as he has. I did have to listen to the entire first Glee album several times at someone’s house, though. Am I entitled to an opinion? Har har.

    If Glee didn’t suck the life out of every song it touched, and if all of the singers didn’t sound like American Idol contestants (alas, yes, I once watched an episode of AI or some identical show with the other kids in residence), and if it didn’t take interesting songs (I’m still fuming over “Maybe This Time” and the Rocky Horror soundtrack, specifically) and regurgitate them for the contemporary masses (à la Across the Universe, unngh), and if the producer weren’t a giant asshole (in an interview I foolishly read about Glee possibly covering Genesis and Pink Floyd, when the interviewer told the guy that he was frankly sick of “Don’t Stop Believing,” the guy said something to the effect of “I hope I manage to ruin many more songs for people” [I only wish I were kidding]), maybe the show wouldn’t be so nauseating.

    However. It does, and they do, and he is, so the best I can manage is to not watch Glee and to limit myself to bitter outbursts only if people mention the show.

    OH WAIT. I decided to check my facts, and the interview I read was with PJ Bloom, the musical director. Not the producer. So apparently multiple people involved in the show are jerks. The actual quote was “To be honest with you, hearing you’re sick of it makes my heart go pitter-patter. I can only hope I have another chance to be involved with a tune that’s so freaking popular people are sick of hearing it. For me there’s absolutely no shame.”


    . . . But I don’t really have a problem with Guitar Hero and Rock Band (except that so many of the songs suck, ha ha, and some of the characters are HIDEOUS). I figure if Slash and John Lydon endorse them (however much they were paid to do so), the games can’t be that shameful. And they actually do take some skill, even if pressing buttons isn’t the same as playing real instruments. It’s kind of funny to watch people who’ve never played the games before . . .

    This comment will no doubt confirm once and for all that I’m a horrible person, HA HA HA.


  2. OH PS: Rock Band and Guitar Hero are kind of like DDR, in that they may show you what to do, but you still have to be coordinated enough to do it. DDR? It was hilarious when I played it; half the time I couldn’t even stay on the mat. >_<

    I am also not coordinated enough to play games like Super Smash Brothers, where you have to push several buttons at once. Hahaha.

    But, I don't know, maybe I'd improve with practice. I remember being completely befuddled the first time I played Guitar Hero.

    Ok, that's all I'll say about that. Done.

    And! While I'm thinking of it, turns out Jeff Buckley actually covered a Billie Holiday song ("Strange Fruit," I think it was). Who knew? Have you heard his version of "Corpus Christi Carol"? His voice is so pure and eunuch-y and amazing. Aaaaand, that's all I'll say about Jeff Buckley, too.

    One last thing, have you seen Shaolin Soccer? Just wondering. I didn't think it was as funny as Kung Fu Hustle.

    Oh wait, one more last thing. Actually, never mind; I'll try out the Contact Page. =]

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