Big Days

This summer’s looking to be even better (and busier) than last. Pick-up gigs, late nights on the beach, plenty of concerts and (maybe) an afternoon playing old Elvis tunes in a 1950’s bandshell.

I’m back to working in Toronto, though, days, and that means I’m back to driving up to 2 hours either way with the windows down.

“And what,” you may ask, “is your soundtrack to yet another epic commute in a long line of epic commutes, Adam?”

I’ve listened to some new stuff in the last week and will find new stuff again, but for now, I don’t think I can get anything closer to my mood these days than this record. Impeccable. This is the sound of a man in love with life. From start to finish, this album is gripping, interesting and, above all, uplifting. No matter the subject matter, Paul Simon has a way of making you adore whatever it is he’s talking about–comic, tragic, or otherwise.

If you haven’t listened to Paul Simon after he left that weenie Garfunkel, you owe it to yourself to find Graceland before I track you down and buy you a copy.

Wait; what?


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