The Break: 15-15 Interview With The Connors Brothers

Well, the kind folks at The Break have decided to let me do whatever it is I do for another month. The 15-15 profile we’re putting up for May/June is going to be on local icons The Connors Brothers, who’ve been gigging together since little Joe couldn’t even grow a moustache. Don’t even ask how young he was.

There’s a funny story about this interview; all my questions were recorded in the middle of the night on my own Boss Micro BR 4-track. Thanks to the magic of SD Cards, I was able to drop the questions off at the studio, where the Connors Brothers, a day or two later, recorded their answers, which were then spliced in.

Have a listen. It’s seamless(ish.)

Listen to me interview The Connors remotely.

And if you find you’re looking for more, check out this video we put together a few weeks ago for an event we were promoting. Shot entirely on location in scenic Keswick, Ontario. I have no idea how Joe got a cowriter’s credit on this.


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