Summer Mixtape

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in! My blog’s getting more hits than ever; apparently Google likes my old article about Mumford & Sons. Anyway, you may remember me posting a mixtape a few months ago. Well, here’s another one, using youTube videos, of what I think you should be listening to this summer. I’ve tried to use live videos whenever possible because they’re more interesting.

If you think about it, I’m kind of like a superhero. Except, not really. Adam Brady: Listening To Everything So That You Don’t Have To. If you’ve got a mix, or an artist that you think the summer of 2011 needs, email it to me. I’d love to hear it!

Anyway, click past the link for the mix!

Iron & Wine – House By The Sea

Last summer, I briefly saw a girl who apparently I reminded of an Iron & Wine song. She never told me which one, though, and I never had the heart to tell her I’ve accidentally been ripping this guy off for years. Iron & Wine’s record “The Shepherd’s Dog” is nothing less than a masterpiece, perfect for any mood, as long as there’s a little open air for the music to breathe. It’s thoughtful and lyrically loaded; the singer spends so much time telling fragments of stories, you can’t help but infer that he’s avoiding telling his own, which lends the entire album a weight it wouldn’t have if the vocals weren’t so interesting in the first place. I find that that whisper forces you to listen, whereas, if he sang like Katy Perry, we could just ignore the lyrics, like we do with most top 40 pop.

Hey Rosetta! – There’s an Arc

Excellent, excellent group that doesn’t get nearly the amount of press they deserve. Perfect For: Driving At Night.

Veal – Mexico Texaco

Lazy, out of tune and understated, Veal’s “Hot Loser” record is another one I can put on anytime. It’s got thoughtful parts, heavy parts, and beautiful parts; this is one of them. With her head just so turned up, unaware, that you’re standing there, and you’re watching her dream something frightfully beautiful.

Black Dub – Silverado

Soul. What else can be said? Like a warm wind across your arm, in through the open window at the end of a long day. Still, I remember driving to Bell in the fall, finding the first live recordings of this group, and putting them on for the gentleman I was carpooling with, a very well-travelled Nigerian journalist. Anyway, Black Dub take me back to that–late October, a 3-hour commute at 6am, watching the sun rise on the fields south of the lake every morning. That’s soul.

Motorbike – Luke Doucet

So excited to see my favorite guitar player (next to Gordie Johnson) again this summer!

The Fixer – Pearl Jam

I don’t like Pearl Jam. This is still a great song.

White Tooth Man – Iron & Wine

Couldn’t find a live version better than this. I’ve been trying to write a song like this for years. This sound, with the shifting moods and feeling lurching from section to section, is something that Sam Beam of Iron & Wine hasn’t been able to duplicate since. I really think this is the album of his that’ll last; for me, The Shepherd’s Dog is it. Amazing.

Baptized By Fire – Spinnerette

The studio version of this track is actually a weird, E’d-out slick electropunk sort of a thing. This is way cooler, but the Spinnerette record is seriously cool.

So there we go. Honorable mentions go to The Russian Futurists, Fish & Bird, Blue Rodeo’s Five Days in July and the immortal London Calling as albums we should all put on this summer. Feel free to yell at me via email, though, if you hate all of ’em. Ha ha ha.


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