Hot Rod Music: Blind Melon – Galaxie

Certainly one of the most criminally-underrated bands of the ’90s. Here’s the first track (minus intro) to their second record. Disregard the video, unless you like the idea of the lead singer dressed like a slightly-more-demented version of Hunter S. Thompson–in which case, watch on.

I was able to find a couple of hours this weekend to head up to Barrie to the Georgian College Auto Show. Had a great time; met some really great people, and saw some really great cars, including the only 2012 Boss 302 Mustang in Canada.

There was a ton of old Corvettes there, as well as other assorted classic American steel. Here’s one of them. It’s not a Mustang, but Blind Melon never wrote about a Mustang. Instead, this thing is exactly what lead singer Shannon Hoon says–when referring to his Cadillac, “it isn’t me, no, no, no it isn’t me; I’m going home in my Galaxie.” This vehicle goes back to a time when a car was an extension of the self.

I felt kind of bad for all of the newer vehicles on the grounds of the college; none of them could match this thing for just sheer presence. This car felt… definitive, if that word fits at all.

If I get really ambitious (and if I somehow can get some free time) I may do a series on car songs and the vehicles that inspired them. But I don’t know. It’s pretty hot out.


One thought on “Hot Rod Music: Blind Melon – Galaxie

  1. Somehow I only realized the other day that Shannon Hoon sang backing vocals on a few Guns N’ Roses tracks. I felt a bit clueless, considering that I liked both Blind Melon and GnR back in high school. >_<

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