‘Cause There’s No Road…

This is a performance by Sam Roberts playing his song, Hard Road. I find it so interesting how, if you strip away any pretense at art or even cleverness within the chords or the lyrics, you sometimes end up with something harder and clearer than you would’ve otherwise had. I mean, you couldn’t do that with jazz–that genre’s almost BUILT on being too clever for your own good. But within pop and rock and country–music for people who don’t play music–that gets you somewhere.

I love the inherent inconsistency in a video like this. Never mind the vagaries of live performance, the quality of the camera and camera person, the way it was rendered and then  put online are now factors as well. Listen to that bass shred the little mic in the camera. The lyrics stay almost totally clear, though.

Don’t you know that lost souls can swim / You beat them back, but they drag you in / And I can’t say that I’m sorry / For all my many sins


2 thoughts on “‘Cause There’s No Road…

  1. I went out for the first ride of the season tonight – just a half-hour of casually bombing around the lake. Within hearing the first couple cords, I wished I was still out there, halfway to North Battleford, SK, or Prince Albert, BC, or Truro, NS, or something. As someone who doesn’t play music (or hasn’t played music in almost ten years), this speaks to me.

  2. I agree; simple, straight-up and direct has a power that just can’t be matched with complexity.

    Years ago when I tried writing songs (yikes!) I was trying to be all poetic and eloquent, and it was a miserable failure. I sat down, and asked myself, “what exactly am I trying to say here?” I wrote it out in point form, and when I read it over, I realized that I had something.

    Never did finish them (song writing when you can’t sing or play an instrument is kind of a pointless endeavour…) but it was a great lesson in keeping it clear and simple for maximum impact.

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