Album Of The Day: Regina Spektor – Begin To Hope

I don’t do ‘Album Of The Day’ posts. I don’t like ‘Album Of The Day’ posts. Sad fact is, though, that Regina Spektor’s too well-known for me to do a ‘S#@t You Should’ve Heard Before’ and too universally well-thought-of to do a ‘Just Because It’s Popular…’ post.

Instead, happy Friday, guys. Put this on and jam out at the office, on the boat, or on the patio. Her voice is incredible. Her songwriting, impeccable. I would love to back up a singer like this.

I like the studio tracks better than the live, as well; additionally, the sound of this record is something I’d like to comment on. It’s really full, with a modern band backing her, sometimes strings, and it fills out the sound in a way I think she misses in some of her other releases. This is definitely my favorite album by her. There’s a depth of experience in the lyrics and material here that make it a really interesting one to really listen to. So, you have that surface level–ooh, pretty songs–and you have the deeper meaning, too. Legitimate songwriting. Imagine that.


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