…You Can Even Make Adjectives Out Of The Other Parts Of Speech – Playlist For August

Not all good music is new music. Sometimes, it’s music you’ve heard years ago that you need to rediscover. I feel like a lot of the writers, reviewers, and listeners around put really great music aside just because it’s not NEW. Maybe it’s an understandable issue–when you think of the barrage of new artists and content thrown at a member of the press, even as casual of one as a member of the public is…

Actually, isn’t that interesting? This democratization of knowledge and opinion we’re experiencing? On the internet, everyone’s a member of the press. Everyone’s allowed an opinion, and they’re weighted all about the same. Reviewers are suddenly competing with the same audience they used to dictate opinions to.

Anyway, when I started writing, I began to feel this weight of the canon behind me, this legion of writers who’d come before me, saying and thinking what I was saying and thinking, only of a much better quality, with a sense of purpose and a deft touch I couldn’t ever match.

I think most writers feel that way, and, in my experience, that feeling doesn’t really go away–unless you’re stupid enough to think you can’t learn from those who’ve come before you. So, my response was to do little other than to pay attention to writers and read anything recommended to me, going back decades to find opinions and situations shockingly similar to what I was trying to write–but, of course, much, much better.I learned a lot, both about the originality of ideas and of the different ways one needs to think in order to tackle them properly.

Musicians, I find, are obsessed with this same concept. Members of the press–once again, because of the sheer weight of new material they need to sort, catalog and inform people of–can easily be overwhelmed with the tyrannical, unbeatable New.

Well, maybe it’s in response to some of those pressures or something parallel, but I’m going back and revisiting a lot of music I haven’t had enough time for lately, tracks I’ve missed and artists I should’ve paid better attention to. Here’s what I’ve come up with. Hopefully there’s some music you’ve missed as much as I have in there.

Hit ‘Play All.’



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