Alright, Pay Attention; It’s Fall Now

Alright; looks like another summer’s on its way out. Got your Camera Roll, your photo galleries, your mixtapes all taken care of? Picked out your new fall wardrobe, put away your bathing suit?
I haven’t. But things keep moving anyway, whether or not I’m ready. Gigs continue. People continue. Things… continue.

Small changes happen all the way through your life, but big changes all seem to cluster together. They come in big sheets, wrapping and pulling you in whatever direction they choose until at last they throw you loose, uncovered and confused, somewhere you didn’t even know you were going.
I’m currently in the process of pulling all of my belongings from assorted cubbies, boxes, bins and bags across the GTA. I’ve left things everywhere, it seems. Some of it, I’m not going to get back—that one pair of Converse I left to dry on the dock up north, as well as assorted photos, knick-knacks and at least one guitar—but some things I find underneath something I use every day, pull out of the box and wonder how I’ve lived without them all these months.

It’s gonna be a very, very long weekend. Party safe. Or at least safe-ish. If you’re interested in finding some new music to play, check out any of these groups. They’re all doing cool things.


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