The Rum Diary

I don’t normally find myself excited to see movies that don’t involve Rob Zombie, but this one looks to be pretty interesting. It’s a take on the first novel published by one of the last great personalities of American culture, Hunter S. Thompson. Even though he wrote it when he was just 22. Jeez.

Most people see or read—who am I kidding? Most see—Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and assume Thompson was a drugged-out mental patient with a penchant for vulgarity.

Which was probably true.

The man had a way with words, though, and a direct line into the heart and soul of contemporary Americana that extends to this day.

Which makes him still contemporary, yes?

“a group of… American businessmen and their wives… on the other side of the street… happy half-tight voices from somewhere in the middle of America, some flat little town where they spent fifty weeks of every year. I stopped and listened, standing in the shadows of an ancient warehouse and feeling like a man with no country at all.” – Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary


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