November 27th – Justin Rutledge in Toronto

Justin Rutledge is playing the Glenn Gould Studio on Sunday the 27th. If I can score some tickets, I think I have to go. He’s spent most of this year away from the stages of Toronto, it feels like; any time he’s been around, I’ve missed him. Was THISCLOSE to seeing him in Eurydice, though…

It’s a pretty difficult thing, to reconcile traditional means of writing with songwriting. Words are weighted differently when there’s things like rhythm and melody put on them.

Rutledge does a great job where most would just flail around and create… nothing really worth hearing. The show in Toronto on the 27th promises to be a great one; he’s an impeccable songwriter, meticulous in his craft, and his music will translate particularly well to that place, I think.

Now, to get some tickets…

…Who do you lie beside? Who do you sigh beside? / Who do you look to for a sign? / There’s a boy amongst the redwoods and the pine / I hear the sirens out on the county line / Jack of Diamonds, you’re no friend of mine…


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