Tl;dr Reviews, New Music & Buy These Concert Tickets

I must confess, I’m having a rather blah April. There’s no new music, no good shows, and nothing interesting at all going on.

Oh wait, no, that’s a lie — everything’s insane right now. Woops. Basically, I’ve got a huge backlog of new albums I need to write about. I’ve been listening to Yukon Blonde, Zeus, and Great Lake Swimmers pretty much constantly over the last few weeks, but I got a CD by a band called Farragoes the other day I need to let you in on too.

First up, Zeus. Basically, Exclaim wrote a review  of Zeus’ new record, Busting Visions, and apart from naming it ‘Bursting Visions’ in the URL, I think they’re pretty much bang-on. I’m working on something more in-depth, but…

tl;dr Zeus – Busting Visions / Super cool plays, not quite to the finish line most of the time. And ‘Bursting Visions’ would’ve been an infinitely more disgusting title for the record; kudos to the band for not going with it.

Secondly… I was lucky enough to see Yukon Blonde last week. Looks like someone from BlogTO attended the concerts as well.

Take a minute and read that; I’ll be right here. Ah, to put it delicately, we differ somewhat in our assessments of the group. I thought Yukon Blonde played pretty well–they were sped up somewhat from the studio tracks, which gave the whole evening sort of a punky edge that belied their crisp, ’50s harmonies. I think reviewer Erin Scholz is pretty accurate in assessing the appearance of the group–somehow, they managed to make it look as though they’d put a lot of work into looking like they just got out of bed. Library Voices played really well, but for me, it was the openers from the first night, Great Bloomers, who stole the show. What a cool sound they’ve got; sort of plain, but in a really, really good way, like Ryan Adams.

So, yeah — Yukon Blonde looked kind of like they just came from the hairdresser’s. That being said, I really am enjoying their new record, Tiger Talk. Those same retro harmonies and top-down driving-song rhythms that keep the band light also make them very accessible, I think, and it’s important not to lose sight of that when you’re listening to a pop band.

tl;dr Yukon Blonde – Tiger Talk / Take it or leave it, this record is the soundtrack to a Saturday afternoon drive on the BC coast.

Lastly, Great Lake Swimmers released their new record, New Wild Everywhere, and apart from telling you that I am in love with this track, I have very little to say about it yet. This is a world-class band, though, even if their material is a little bit subdued for some listeners.

Now, for What’s New In This World Of Musicness

On the 21st, it’s every music nerd’s Christmas — Record Store Day! Besides all the awesome releases getting put out that day, Sonic Boom’s having a ton of performances. And they go like this:

1pm – Army Girls

2pm – The Darcys

3pm – Born Ruffians

4pm – Plants And Animals

5pm – Bloodshot Bill

6pm – Fresh Snow

7pm – Lioness

8pm – Eight And a Half

9pm – Diemonds

There will be many a young man in black-framed spectacles LIVING at Sonic Boom Saturday, I think.

On 4/27, Army Girls are playing at The Garrison, I think. I may be at Reverend Horton Heat that night (at The Opera House) but if I could make it to both… Well, I would for sure at least try to see Army Girls.

Japandroids have a new record coming out in June. As well, they will be playing The Horseshoe 6/23 with Cadence Weapon, so watch out for that. Get tix early; their showcase at Sneaky Dee’s for NXNE last year was PACKED.

And do you have your Refused tickets yet? You don’t have to use Ticketmaster–go to Soundscapes instead, but get some of these tickets, and make sure to wear a shirt you don’t mind getting ripped.

Lastly, keeping tabs on the lawsuit launched against CBC’s new streaming Music service — the other media companies crying ‘foul’ all seem to be under the impression that CBC’s taking advantage of their position in the market to undecut their profits, and their big call to action seems to involve international acts like Lady Gaga. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that CBC Music was even CARRYING anything other than Canadian music, so…

I hope I’m wrong; otherwise, they’re gonna look silly.


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