Upstream: 5/2/12 – Royal Canoe @ The Garrison

A few years ago, two of my friends took a trip to Montreal. I guess they caught a show there, because they came back raving about this band — Royal Canoe. All I heard for weeks was about how great the live show was, how interesting the sound was, and how cute the drummer was–if I’m recalling, one person at the show was particularly taken with his t-shirt, I think.

Well, I thought, if a band can inspire that kind of interest simply based on a t-shirt with a wolf on it, they must be pretty darn cool, indeed.

Well, turns out Royal Canoe are a positively sprawling electro-rock group from Winnipeg. I caught their set at CMW this spring, and I was really impressed. There’s a ton of layers in the sound, and there’s no wonder there’s necessarily, like, 6 of them onstage to pull it off. They definitely crowded the stage at the Hard Luck, but still sounded completely comfortable–despite all of the stuff going on, the music never felt too busy or that details were being lost, which is a hard thing to do with a group like this.

Here’s their new video, Hold Onto The Metal.  Let me know what you think! Oh-and their new EP? Comes to you via super old-school floppy disk. Very cool… But it doesn’t look quite right standing up with all my CD’s.

May 2nd at The Garrison. Should be good! Check out their music here:


2 thoughts on “Upstream: 5/2/12 – Royal Canoe @ The Garrison

  1. How is anyone supposed to get music off of a floppy? And how can it even fit an ep? Very curious

  2. It’s really more of a download link that comes ATTACHED to a floppy disk.

    Apparently there’s a DOS game on said floppy disk, but, thanks to the difficulty one experiences finding such drives (which you stated,) I can’t say if it’s any fun or not.

    But I bet it is.

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