Toronto Music News – 5/26/12

A few things I heard this week I thought were worth commenting on:

1. Garbage’s reunion tour at the Phoenix on May 28th (that’s a MONDAY, kids) is SOLD OUT.

I know. I’m baffled, too.

2. Against Me!’s singer is back playing live after coming out as transgendered at the start of this month. Laura Jane Grace has started up hormone replacement therapy and is already back, kicking ass onstage with her band. Right on!

To go public with the gender dysphoria she’d been struggling with must’ve been a huge decision to weigh, but it’s important (and very heartening) that we have artists brave enough to do just that.

Doesn’t look like they’re coming to Toronto, but if you feel like a drive, they’re playing in Buffalo on July 7th.

3. Say hello to Professor Justin Rutledge. Looks like everybody’s favorite alt-folk troubadour has a new gig this summer–he’s teaching U of T’s summer songwriting course.

I’ve long suspected JR would be a great teacher. I mean, he’s already one of the most literate rock stars I’ve ever heard of.

His third record’s named after a Guy Vanderhaeghe book of short stories, for goodness’ sake.

I would be absolutely shocked if this wasn’t filled up already.

If you doubt me, listen to the lyrics here, then call U of T Monday morning.

Registration is $649 till June 15th / after that, it’s a smooth $699.

4. July 4th, a band called Futurebirds is hitting The Horseshoe. Tickets are only $9, available at the usual suspects.

I’m sure this band is worth seeing—that cover of Stevie Nicks’ Wild Heart is a wild, foot-stompin’ good time—but all I can think of is Tommy from Parks & Rec when I hear that band name…

(Move it to 32 seconds in if it doesn’t auto-start there)


3 thoughts on “Toronto Music News – 5/26/12

  1. Rw #1 hey….no one is checking Ids on who buys the tickets… Not being a huge garbage fan myself I saw that most people who saw Moby at Phoenix were far from the audience that I expected… Never underestimate the power of growing up when it comes to spies and artists ….. Just a thought. Chin c chin. El.

  2. The band started out playing at seminal punk rock venues such as The Masque and the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles. Charlotte Caffey (lead guitar, keyboards) was added later in 1978, and in the summer of 1979, Gina Schock replaced Bello on drums. With these line-up changes, the group began moving towards their now more-familiar power pop sound.

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