This Week In Music – June 3, 2012

Alright, hep cats and kittens; what’s new in music this week?

1. Mumford and Sons have revealed a release date for their sophomore record.

Looks like their new album will drop September 24th. The pressure’s on them, for sure–Sigh No More was frikkin’ huge, and their label’s going to be looking to this record to push some big numbers as well.

It says in the RS article I linked above that it won’t stray too far from the winning formula they found with Sigh No More, but I don’t know if that kind of success can be duplicated, even by the same musicians.

Listen for yourself and decide if lightning’s gonna strike twice. I don’t like the song below–but hey, what do I know?

PS Here’s what I had to say about their first record.

2. Guess who’s getting a tribute record!

You know you’ve made it when other bands put out records to capitalize on your success. It happened to Hendrix (so many times,) and it’s at last happened to The Black Keys. What’s shocking isn’t that this has happened–it’s that artists that aren’t washed-up are putting this together. I mean, come on; Ginger Baker doesn’t have anything to prove to anybody!

1. Iggy Pop & Ginger Baker – “Lonely Boy”
5. Leslie West – “I Got Mine”
9. Albert Lee – “Howlin for You”
Click through above to the Exclaim review for a snippet and preview.

3. Tour News

Check out who’s coming to town! the xx are playing 7/28 at The Phoenix! Super cool!

Never mind the haircuts and listen!


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