Step 1: Hit ‘Play’ on the video of Parlovr live I found. Aren’t they great?

Step 2: Once that’s done, for the consideration of this generation, I have compressed the entire festival of North By Northeast into an accessible tl;dr format. Because, you know, Too Long = Didn’t Read.

Army Girls – Came out and levelled the Supermarket, but singer Carmen Elle seemed pretty uneasy, probably due to all the Paparazzi. Paparazzo? In the future, when covering Army Girls,

make sure you know the difference between a Paparazzi and a Paparazzo.

A Friend In London – Toured with the Backstreet Boys last year. They wrote a song about it. I know because they told us.

 Gordie Johnson – Played a set of chest-hurting sludgy loudness accompanied by a drummer and a synth, but most of the photographers had left with Army Girls. Sour about that.

The Balconies – Audience jammed into the back room of the Cameron House, sitting cross-legged on the ground, inched up against the walls, peering in windows. Jonestown, I thought. Mental Note: Do not buy a drink. The cult/audience, as one, turned and glared at me for intruding upon the scene/ritual. I left shortly thereafter.

Elk – Their twitter handle is @elkelkelkelk. I only saw one #songsongsongsong. Debating making a #rockrockrockrock joke. #nononono.

 Belle Starr – How does one mic tap shoes, anyway? Actually, these weren’t even tap shoes; they were kind of like tap cowboy boots.

Tia Brazda – Told a story about getting dumped at the Dakota, at the Dakota. Total mind-blow.

Michael Rault – Played a few lines on his guitar that sounded vaguely like ‘Graceland’-era Paul Simon Ladysmith Black Mombazo guitar lines.

 Nash – mentioned Beck in his bio, so I was excited.

The Elwins – Had a debate with their drummer as to whether or not we could convince their guitarist to shave his moustache.

Eight And A Half – I’m not one to comment on a band’s style most of the time, but one of the pleasures of being a male music journalist is the opportunity to occasionally engage in sartorial discussion. To wit, the singer from Eight And A Half had the coolest hair I have ever seen.

Check these ones out on BlogTO — there’s photos!

Plants And Animals – Who wears a suit without a shirt underneath it? I bet he was cold.

Matt Good – Requested someone put Blade Runner up on one of the big screens at Yonge-Dundas. I was mildly surprised that nobody yelled, ‘NNNNEEERRRRDDDD!’


Fast Forward to 1:44

Who did you like? Who did you miss? Why didn’t Fucked Up get booked anywhere?


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