Digits – Where Do You Belong

Oh, man!

Toronto electronic artist Digits (of Silent Shout blog collective) is streaming his new album!

Some really great textures in this. Being new to electronic–that’s why I read Silent Shout, kids–I can’t quite put my finger on too many specifics, but the subtle delay on the vocals and the gentle synth hooks make this a real earworm of a record. Digits is a real up-and-comer, getting some serious attention and touring all over the place right now.

Between this artist, Farragoes and No Breakup, Silent Shout has been the base for some great things. They’ve probably got some other projects based out of there. You should ask them!

Digits is playing this Saturday night at The Garrison with Dark Ages and Miss Elizabeth. Should be a great show. You should go and buy some music!

If I can steal myself away from Edgefest early, I’ll be there for sure.

You can buy the record here, too, or feel free to take advantage of this neat marketing thing Digits is doing–send him a picture of a record you’ve recently bought and you’ll get a download link for the album! I can only assume it should be a GOOD record that you use. (Such as, perhaps, another Digits recording.) It’s only fair.


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