Cool Band Alert: Trevor James & The Perfect Gentlemen

“I’m tired of pleasing all these fools, when I should just be pleasing you,” sings Trevor James on ‘All These Years In Hell,’ the first track from his 2010 Community EP, recorded with his band The Perfect Gentlemen. The sound of long nights on barstools, Trevor James & The Perfect Gentlemen are in a spot where elements of roots, alternative and indie come together in a perfectly distilled rock and roll.

James has a gift for phrasing, with lines like, “We’re way too young not to mess this up” putting a fine point on emotions and situations that would leave many completely at a loss for words.  (Another favorite line is from the same song: “we’re way too young not to be fucked up” is almost too perfect a phrase, eh?) I think it’s really hard to write stylized,poetic lines without having them sound glib, but James does a damn good job of it on this record.

The music’s really warm and atmospheric, parts like the Rhodes holding up ‘All These Years In Hell,’ or the unexpected crowd singing on ‘Maureen Sanderson’ keeping things fresh in a genre where three chords and a heart on your sleeve is often enough to take onstage.

At two years old, the Community EP has probably been toured within an inch of its life, but luckily, the band’s working on a new record, for release in the near future, hopefully. Trevor James And The Perfect Gentlemen have played gigs at great under-the-radar bars like Magpie, but for now, they’re playing a residency at the Garrison, every Wednesday. Check out the band’s Facebook page for updates, heck them out at the Garrison until September 8th, and be sure to offer to buy them a shot.

Oh–and I found this. Watch this video. I love this guy’s voice.


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