At Last, Guitar Equipment Has Attained… Cuteness

Okay, so that may not be a goal we would think the guitar equipment industry should be striving for; nonetheless, they’ve reached it.

Just look at these things. They’re like pieces of candy. I expect them to be filled with caramel or chocolate or whatever the hell they put inside Boston cream donuts. Which would be… Boston, I guess?

The original Fuzz Face was always a pain in the ass to use. Most of them had reversed jacks, so you had to use extra long cable to hook it up to the rest of your pedalboard, and likewise, most of them weren’t able to be powered any other way than 9-volt batteries, meaning you had to always remember, “Oh, I should change the battery on my Fuzz Face” before you went out to a show. As well, if you’ve ever looked at the schematics for a Fuzz Face circuit, you’ll see that there’s literally nothing in it. You could probably build a functioning Fuzz Face out of pieces you pull out of your remote control. It’s good, then, that they’ve finally ditched that huge housing—and those backwards in and out jacks—for something a little more pedalboard-friendly.

And true bypass? Sweet.

It’s nice to see Dunlop pay some attention to their bread and butter pedals, rather than giving us endless MXR ‘custom shop’ variations on the Tubescreamer circuit like they have been. I mean, I like sparkle paint as much as anyone, but really. That company’s really made some interesting strides in the last few years, what with their resurrection of Way Huge (Jeorge Tripps FTW) and all the awesome stuff that they can do under that banner. I’m paying more and more attention to them; now if only they could come up with a better power supply than the Brick.

Here’s a video. Hot tip: wraparound face mics are ridiculous.

What do you think?


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