I want to be Guthrie Govan’s buddy

Guitarist magazine just put up a video of Guthrie Govan demo’ing a new guitar Charvel’s put together for him.

Normally, these videos are god awful, but I found this one hilarious.

Guthrie’s a gregarious, engaging subject; it was very refreshing to hear him say, “Well, they take maple and… sort of cook it,” when referring to what’s going on with the neck on this guitar. Quite a change from most of the corporate BS press releases we see regurgitated in things like this.

And accurate, too; that is what they do to maple on these. It’s not an attractive process, even if it does make for much better necks and fretboards.

Pay particular attention to the scooped-out neck joint and scalloped horn. Those are the sorts of features we should be clamoring to see more of, rather than putting up with the ancient and antiquated 4-bolt monstrosity here.

I’d recommend listening all the way through, but he starts playing around 4:20 if that’s all you’re looking for. The single-coil’s a little gainy/grainy for my taste; I guess they jacked it up to match the output of the humbuckers. Not great, but the other pickups sound pretty good, at least for what he’s doing.

And damn, he can play.

By the way, Govan’s actually coming to Canada this year! He’ll be playing the Phoenix April 23rd alongside Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson.


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