Record Store Day Recommendations

Handout / Six Shooter Records & Whitehorse Music

Handout / Six Shooter Records & Whitehorse Music

Well, it’s almost Record Store Day again and, while on the whole I see very little to be excited about–woohoo, major labels trying to cash in on dead and/or reunited acts by putting the same damn record out in different colors–there’s a few bright spots we should all look at picking up. On the one hand, I really think it’s important to support independent record stores and buy music. On the other hand, there’s very few of these yearly releases that are really even remotely interesting or unique, so… That sort of puts us in a tough spot, doesn’t it? Maybe let’s try to make every day Record Store Day, yeah? Go out and buy some vinyl. It’ll do you good.

Hey Joe / Stone Free (mono mixes) – Jimi Hendrix
Okay, this is kind of neat. Hendrix’s recordings have been mixed to stereo for so long, I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a mono mixdown of any of his tracks. These are going to sound almost exactly like what most people in ’67’s first encounters with Hendrix would’ve been, and there’s some value in that. For collectors only, for sure, but… isn’t that what Record Store Day’s about?

Record Store Day – Titus Andronicus If, like me, you think Titus Andronicus will be remembered as one of the great rock bands of our era, you need this. With a track from their last record backed by two unreleased songs on the B-side, this will be well worth your time.

Nick Drake’s first LP is something every folk fan should listen to. I don’t really know how available original vintage copies are, but this seems a pretty safe bet for something you’ll enjoy.

Acadie – Daniel Lanois Now here’s a one to star. This is the special extended edition, remastered with bonus tracks. I will be purchasing this.

Devil’s Got A Gun / Lipstick – Whitehorse A great live take on Whitehorse’s first single from their new record, Devil’s Got A Gun is backed by a beautiful redo of Lipstick, which originally appeared as I Hate Your Lipstick on Veal’s Embattled Hearts album. Absolutely worth a listen.

Here’s the original:

(By the way, the whole list can be found at Record Store Day’s Canadian website)


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