Arts & Crafts ‘X’ Track list arrives… and I’m a little disappointed

Handout/Arts & Crafts

Handout/Arts & Crafts

At last, we have the final track list–I think–for Arts & Crafts’ neato-burrito collaborations disc, ‘X.’

via Exclaim

1. Broken Social Scene x Years – “Day Of The Kid”
2. Apostle Of Hustle x Zeus – “Bizarre Love Triangle” (New Order cover)
3. Feist x Timber Timbre – “Homage”
4. Still Life Still x Zulu Winter – “Era”
5. The Hidden Cameras x Snowblink – “The Chauffeur” (Duran Duran cover)
6. The Darcys x Ra Ra Riot – “Time Can Be Overcome” (Constantines cover)
7. Chilly Gonzales x Stars – “Nothing Good Comes To Those Who Wait”
8. Hayden x Jason Collett – “Lonely Is As Lonely Does”
9. Gold & Youth x Trust – “Lady Bird”
10. Amy Millan x Dan Mangan – “Chances Are” (Johnny Mathis & Liza Minnelli cover)

Short take… I don’t know, guys. There’s not a lot of genre crossover here, and though it’ll be neat to hear Apostle of Hustle run through a New Order cover backed up by Zeus, unless they’ve done some serious work with the pacing of this, it’s basically guaranteed to be a stilted, difficult listen.

Exception: The Darcy’s & Ra Ra Riot doing a Constantines cover. That is a match made in heaven.


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