I Sat By The Ocean by Queens of the Stone Age is maybe not their best, but it’ll do

Now HERE’S a breath of fresh air – Queens of the Stone Age were recently caught performing a few tracks from their upcoming record. Here’s “I Sat By The Ocean,” which by general consensus seems to be the favourite to be the single. Great example of the Queens’ latest songwriting, with one of those Dean Fertita faux-Hawaiian-guitar hooks they’re so fond of. The riff’s pretty reminiscent of something you’d hear on the first album–to this day one of my favourite records of the last 20 years–but everything remains a little more controlled than what I want to hear from QOTSA.

Let’s get some roughness going, guys!

…Like Clockwork is set for release on June 4th. I’m going to buy it–we all probably are going to buy it, I mean–but despite the high-profile guest appearances by Elton John, Brody Dalle, Trent Reznor and (of course) Dave Grohl, I’m a little worried we’ll just be getting more of the same from this band.

Queens of the Stone Age are a great rock band who’ve been lost in the desert for one record too many. Hopefully this one brings ’em back to reality.


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