Ugh, Jazzmaster

THIS is what a Jazzmaster should sound like: glassy and compressed with a really soft, undefined midrange.

I recently got a Jazzmaster in a trade. I’ve wanted one ever since I saw this video and first heard At The Drive In.

LISTEN TO THAT. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is a monster.

Anyway, after literally years looking for one but being unable to find one at a reasonable price, I was fortunate enough to have one of these fabled tone machines fall into my lap. Don’t worry, it’s not a custom shop, just an old, wrecked Japanese one. And, while the look is bang-on vintage Fender, a candy apple red body and matching headstock, the sound is just… not quite there.

I love certain parts of the guitar–the neck is perfect, and the vibrato is comfortable and almost intuitive to use–but other parts like the awful stock bridge, tuning pegs and -just-a-crappy-sounding-Strat-bridge-pickup have got to go.

First steps:

1. Clean the paint off it. (For the love of God, don’t ask.)
2. Get a new bridge pickup
3. Get a new bridge (Mustang or Mastery)
4. Shield the crap out of it.

The last owner was an artist, so I think he left the guitar out in his studio while he apparently flung paint around the room like a blindfolded Jackson Pollock. I’ll post some photos and video soon… once I get it cleaned up.


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