Mustache ahoy – new video by Toronto’s Dusted

One of my favourite Toronto bands, Dusted, has just released a video for their song “Bruises.”

In case you haven’t heard it, you really should just run right down and pick up their album, Total Dust. It’s a great summer record, filled with lots of subtle textures, dirt and grit in peculiar places. It was released last year, and I spent lots of time out and about late last summer with that as my soundtrack.

Dusted’s whole aesthetic is sort of pre-worn, like a pair of vintage jeans. The songs are all saturated and clipped and filled with hisses and pops, the album as a whole warm, immersive and… well, dusty. It’s not pretentious or inaccessible, though—the songs are all grounded in a really fine-tuned pop sensibility, so even if the structures and hooks are subtle, they’re just as engrossing as you’d hope they would be.

I’ve heard rumor they’re working on a new record, and hope to hear some new songs when they play North By Northeast (which was just announced earlier this week)

WELL? Get excited, people!


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