The National’s new record, live video and a newfound peace of mind

Well, it’s happened – The National have finally followed up their last record, 2010’s brilliant High Violet. Their new release, Trouble Will Find Me, is… pretty different, actually. Gone is the frenetic angst that marked High Violet, the edgy dissatisfaction that kept them moving from earlier releases, propelling them from venues like The Horseshoe to now headlining at Yonge-Dundas square during North By Northeast. Instead, this new record is The National as they always maybe could’ve been, confident and – well, I won’t say relaxed, but definitely MORE relaxed than they have been.

I don’t have anything really cogent to say about it yet – read Pitchfork; their reviews of this beardy indie stuff are usually pretty good – but I find this album’s definitely growing on me. It finds the band taking a step back from the overthinking, overwrought sentiments of their last few albums and re-centering themselves. The National are a success now, whether or not they really ever wanted to be, and they’re starting to act and sound like it. They’re embracing that part of themselves, and that’s never a bad thing.

Here’s one of the better tracks from the new one, ‘Don’t Swallow The Cap,’ from Letterman the other night.

As well, absolutely do not miss them Friday June 14 at Yonge-Dundas Square for NXNE. It’ll be the last time they play Toronto for months and months, though I bet they’ll be back in the new year, and considering the last time they played here they actually were at the ACC, it’ll be your last chance to see them outdoors for a while, too.

Unless you’re going to Bonnaroo. In which case, shut up and I hate you.


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