The Foreign Films’ “Fall Of The Summer Heart”

So, The Foreign Films (led by the supremely talented Hamilton-based Bill Majoros) have released a new ‘song cycle’ called “Fall Of The Summer Heart.”

It’s honestly the perfect parting wave to summer, forlorn, melancholic and celebratory in turn, layered pieces of tracks falling over each other, a delightfully cluttered 12-minute-and-43-second journey. So few artists can do this lush, grand-scope psychedelic pop as well as Majoros, so I find myself really looking forward to every one of his releases.

The climax of Part VI/Victoria (Miss India) is just unbelievable, but by no means will I endorse you skipping to it. Listen to the rest of it, and just get really excited for when it comes in.

When will Majoros be coming across the QEW to Toronto? Who knows… Bill? Are you listening?


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