New project (#sendmespam)

They say that one of the worst things you can do is to publish your email address online. Essentially, open season will be declared on it, and it will receive a deluge of get-rich-quick schemes, cheap pharmacy offers, and of course, porn.

Well, nuts to that. I need to get some spam.

Everything that I’ve read suggests that Yahoo Mail is the worst of the major hosting services for spam, so I set up an address that I’m hoping generates some interesting automatically-generated inquiries.

Dear spam robots, please send your insane, rambly semi-sentences to
by clicking here

Thanks so much,

PS Human readers will note this is my first blog update in several months. While I can’t guarantee I’ll start posting more, I can say that I’m figuring out much more clearly where my interests are lying, and while freelance writing was fun for a bit, my passion’s always been for poetry and other things.


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