Look at this cool thing I found: Bernadette Connors – Gravity

Photo courtesy of Bernadette Connors

Photo courtesy of Bernadette Connors

So, one of my hometown’s most up-and-coming up-and-comers, Bernadette Connors, has just released her new single for download. You can get Gravity for free here. They’ve shot a video for it as well. Watch closely and you’ll get a good look at a few Barrie landmarks.

Bernadette’s an incredible performer, seasoned by years of gigging all around North America. Her voice has always been impressive, but I really love how she’s started pushing her limits on her newer material.

For proof, check out her last single, “Where’s My Heart;” for me, that song was a total curveball from her. A crazy-powerful stadium pop tune that’s got real staying power, Where’s My Heart still leaps out at me as a high watermark every time I hear it.