Download This, OR, Why Herohill Is A Blog You Should Read

Just thought I’d point this out–in case you hadn’t heard, Herohill has put together a compilation of artists covering Leonard Cohen tunes. It’s available for free. And you should get it, if you haven’t already.

Featuring such artists as The Burning Hell, Old Man Luedecke (Oh Hell Yes!) and the oh-so-underrated Daniel Ledwell, this is a great way to introduce yourself to some Canadian artists you may not have heard before playing music you should be at least passing familiar with.

I know the instinct is to think that, because it’s free, it’s worth anything. But that would be wrong.

Download it, listen to it, love it, and give Herohill a high five the next time you see them. I think that’d mean you were in Halifax, but… Y’know, they deserve a high five.