New (Old) Foo Fighters Leaked?!

Something cool to start your weekend with: Some enterprising soul has leaked two tracks from the Foo Fighters’ first attempt at their One By One record. These sessions were scrapped and the Foos later recorded them again when everyone was in a better state of mind.

Realistically, these leaks are only interesting because the band’s said some very disparaging things about these tracks. I don’t have exact quotes, but the whole issue seemed to be that nothing was very settled—the songs hung together awkwardly and the band felt these tapes were amateurish.

After listening to them, to be honest, I think the Foos are nuts.

Though hampered by really, really rough mixes, these leaks don’t show anything Dave Grohl or the Foo Fighters should be embarrassed by. They’re certainly not demo quality, as they’ve asserted–that’s for sure.

No, these are fully realized songs that simply could’ve benefited from a little polish—which they eventually got before One By One was rerecorded and released.

These are the same great songs that appeared on that record, though. I guess the slagging of these tracks by Grohl & Co. speaks more to their perfectionism than to the quality of these tracks.

…Then again, who but the Foo Fighters can AFFORD to just shelve and entire album’s worth of recording and start again?

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Foo Fighters – Wasting Light Tour – ACC, August 9 2011

It’s an amazing thing, to go see a band you knew so well when you were 17 you could sing every song, had the track order of every record memorized, seriously considered getting a tattoo mimicking one of their album covers.

On Tuesday, myself and two of my best friends—who were there for large portions of said song-singings, track-memorizings and tattoo-considerings—went downtown to the ACC to go see one of 17-year-old Adam’s favourite bands, The Foo Fighters.

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