‘A Tingly Feeling That I Just Don’t Want To End’ – Queens Of The Stone Age Are Recording?!

So. Apparently Queen of the Stone Age drummer / all around badass Joey Castillo has let slip a few things to an interviewer for a German drum magazine regarding their new record.

Check it – Antiquiet covered this a few weeks ago.  I heard they were back in the studio, recording, but I guess actions both legal and litigatory have pushed all that back somewhat.

Anyway, the tl;dr version of Antiquiet’s article – which is, itself, a tl;dr of Drumhead’s article –

1. Queens’ new record should be out this summer.

2. It’s apparently (maybe) going to be called ‘Ultraviolet Robot?’

3. Apparently they’re going back to the sound of their early days for this one.

While I welcome a return to the sound of their self-titled and Rated R records–as opposed to the kind of contrived weirdness of their last studio record, Era Vulgaris–I’ll take this all with a grain of salt.

You see, Queens are notorious for dealing with the media in a less than serious manner. If you don’t believe me, check out Josh Homme and Troy Van Leeuwen did with the NME right around when their last record–the aforementioned weird one–came out.

Quote of the day? “We’re like the return of dead-arm. We’re not the getting of dead-arm. We’re what it feels like to be alive again.”


Scores, Releases & Re-Releases – Queens Of The Stone Age

So. Record Store Day was last Saturday, and while I was unfortunately out of the city, I did make it to Sonic Boom–twice, haha–on Sunday. I was lucky enough to pick up some albums I’ve been looking for for a long time, too, which was great.

The one I was most excited about? An original pressing of Queens of the Stone Age’s self-titled debut.

This was awesome, because for years, it was basically unavailable. It was re-released last year with bonus tracks. Rather than checking out what the tracks were, though, I saw the original pressing of QOTSA and just bought it.

Now I have to go and buy the re-release, too.

Why, you ask?

That track, The Bronze, was included on the re-release. It’s from a split EP recorded by Josh Homme (as Queens Of The Stone Age) and a stoner-metal band called Beaver, who sound so much like a Kyuss cover band it’s crazy.

Anyway, the original split CD is now about $40, according to Wikipedia, and even more, according to my friends who -may- be able to get me one.

But… Gotta have it. What a great track, eh? And what a solo!