15-15 Interview With The Elwins

You remember The Elwins!

Or, should I say, ‘The Nelwins?’

Whoever they are, I’ve spoken of them before–click here to read–and this month, I got a chance to sit down with them for an interview. Listen to Matthew Sweeney, Travis Stokl, Feurd, and Nathan Vanderwielen give me a hard time about liking Kylie Minogue more than the Spice Girls on this month’s 15-15 at The Break.

And did someone say, “live session?” Listen in to the new track from their forthcoming LP, “Sittin’ Pretty,” which we were able to coax them into playing for us. There’s a link there; I think it’s somewhere in the middle.


The 15-15 With The Median

Alright, everybody! A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mat Power and Bernadette Connors from Keswick-based rock band The Median. As well, they’re being profiled in this month’s 15-15 on http://www.thebreak.ca.

Check out the interview here! And while you’re there, listen to a few of their tracks and download their new single, ‘Rain.’

Adam Brady Interviews The Median

PS Make sure you listen to ‘Median Intro’ for my introduction and be sure to keep tuned next month, when we’ll be posting a new interview or something else cool with a local band that’s doing great things.

The Break

So, I’ve started working with an internet-based radio station called The Break. It’s designed to be a resource for musicians and music fans north of The Big Smoke. Featuring local shows, information on groups, and (soon) a forum to post band classifieds or discuss music, instruments and other topics, it’s a pretty cool site. Or rather, it would be, if that was it. We’ve got some up and coming artists letting us stream their music. So check it out, listen to some of the bands, and then hit up a show.

Alternatively, if you’re a band or know a band who could use some exposure, get in touch. You can email me through my blog or at brady@thebreak.ca.

My music will show up there at some point… first, I’ve gotta finish up “One Room Over Water,” then record it properly. Who’da thunk recording one guy and an acoustic guitar would be so hard?