On Fleetwood Mac

I literally just realized that Fleetwood Mac are
a) Back together
b) Touring
c) Coming to Toronto October 18th
Oh, my.
I’ve been wondering for a while when I’d click over to that age bracket where the bands you want to see are only playing big venues, and therefore require you to pay big money to see them. Maybe that’s just happened.

…Ah, who am I kidding? I’ve been old forever.


Elliott Brood – Jigsaw Heart

Been a little while since I’ve posted anything worth listening to, but with the upcoming release of Elliott Brood’s fifth (?) record Work And Love, I’ve been sort of keeping the first single on repeat for the last little while.
“Jigsaw Heart” is a great tune, continuing the Brood’s evolution from the rough, dusty, sometimes-electrified folk of their first few releases to the smoother, roots-tinged sound of their last full-length, Days Into Years. Expect more of the same on the album, out October 21. I’m pretty excited.

Oh – and you should listen to the new Rural Alberta Advantage single while you’re at it. So, so, so, so, so good.

I been pushed around and pulled apart, been carryin’ around that jigsaw heart
I got friends just down the road, and they know where the pieces go
#relate, Elliott Brood.

Cousins // Mess

Best news! Cousins have signed on with Hand Drawn Dracula to put out their new record, The Halls of Wickwire… While the record doesn’t land until May 13, they’ve released a track for our collective listening.

Check out “Mess.”

How great is that?

PS, you can preorder the record if you’re so inclined.

PPS, looks like James Mejia from HDD will be playing a DJ set at the also-just-announced NXNE hey-don’t-forget-about-NXNE-just-because-it’s-winter party, February 25th at the Garrison. You’d better get on the guest list, because it’ll fill up fast. Michael Rault and the always-impressive Fresh Snow will be playing… but NXNE was awful smart to put one of my favorite bands, Army Girls, at the top of the bill.


Best new anything – Digits // Lost Dream

Boom, great news! Toronto avant-superstar Digits is releasing a new mixtape on February 18, on cassette.

Time for me to dig out my old tape deck. And the car that it was installed in.

Anyway, you can check out the first single from Shake Your Body Down through The Fader… Or, listen right here.

New project (#sendmespam)

They say that one of the worst things you can do is to publish your email address online. Essentially, open season will be declared on it, and it will receive a deluge of get-rich-quick schemes, cheap pharmacy offers, and of course, porn.

Well, nuts to that. I need to get some spam.

Everything that I’ve read suggests that Yahoo Mail is the worst of the major hosting services for spam, so I set up an address that I’m hoping generates some interesting automatically-generated inquiries.

Dear spam robots, please send your insane, rambly semi-sentences to sfs_ntsfu@yahoo.ca
by clicking here

Thanks so much,

PS Human readers will note this is my first blog update in several months. While I can’t guarantee I’ll start posting more, I can say that I’m figuring out much more clearly where my interests are lying, and while freelance writing was fun for a bit, my passion’s always been for poetry and other things.